At Breathe we offer one-to-one Classical Pilates sessions, alongside small group apparatus and mat classes. Both the one-to-one sessions and our apparatus classes use Classical Pilates apparatus, such as the Universal Reformer and Cadillac. To learn more about the apparatus and see what they look like, visit the Classical Pilates Apparatus page.

One to One Pilates

Private sessions are the best way to experience Pilates. Each session is entirely personalised to your body and mind. During the session you will work with various Pilates apparatus, such as the Reformer, Cadillac and Wunda Chair. You may also be introduced to the smaller tools like the Power Circle and Foot Corrector. We offer a reduced price introductory one-to-one session to introduce you to Classical Pilates and the apparatus. If you regularly attend studio apparatus classes we offer discounted one-to-one sessions, to encourage you can regularly review progress and personalise the exercises. We also offer duet and trio sessions if you’d like the tailored support of a private session but are happy to share it with a friend, family member or training partner.

Group Apparatus Classes

In our group apparatus classes, you work primarily on the Reformer. These classes have a maximum of six participants, so the teacher can adjust the exercises to suit the individual.

Group Mat Classes

In this class you will explore the Classical Pilates exercises on the mat, occasionally using smaller tools, like the Power Circle. The class will have no more than eight clients.